Monday, April 16, 2012

Worn-out Sweaters Vol.1

Worn-out Sweaters discusses slang that you stubbornly refuse to let go.

Volume One: 

"Drop Me a Line"
This sign shouldn't need to exist. Unfortunately, some make it necessary..

"Drop Me a Line" is an expression that is primarily used by socially awkward penguins and/or lost orz boys. Lost orz boys continue to use this phrase because of its non-threatening (read: deliberately over-casual) nature under the expectation that their current forever alone status may be concealed from females. "Be interested, but not TOO interested." the orz self-talk goes.

Reeking of desperation, this phrase is a major red flag and results in further "nice guy" labels being placed upon the male who invokes it.

Secondarily used by:

People over 50 who employed the phrase before the internet reached ultimate penetration. If this phrase is utilized by the 50-plusser to address another 50-plusser in regards to lettermail or e-mail, no correction is necessary (but this does not diminish the metaphysical damage done by the resultant sound pollution).

Tertiairly used by:

ESL schools who, by the time the slang makes its way to their foreign shores, are living in the past; the slang has already become unfashionable. Particularly true of Taiwanese ESL schools where students are misled into thinking they are edgy, when in reality the effect is equivalent to putting an "NKOTB World Tour" poster on the door to one's bedroom:

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